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  • NFL 2019: Six reasons to follow the new season

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    From Ben Collins
    BBC Sport
    This week the NFL yields and it is a year for your league, with this its 100th season along with the 50th of the era.
    It seemed fitting that Super Bowl 53 was a conflict between experience and youth.
    The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams to be considered as the Goat of the NFL to fortify the case of Tom Brady.
    Now the league is teeming such as Baker Mayfield Patrick Mahomes and newcomer Kyler Murray with young quarterbacks ready to accept the old guard.
    You will find also a host of big-name moves at the off-season, together with the Cleveland Browns pulling an adventurous deal to signal possibly the game’s biggest celebrity, Odell Beckham Jr..
    They’re all expecting to make it and here’s six reasons to adhere to the journey.
    In only his second year in the NFL – and his first as a rookie – quarterback Patrick Mahomes lit up the league in 2018.
    The Kansas City Chiefs were the league’s highest scorers, averaging 35.3 points per match, and it was mainly down into Mahomes’ arm – or arms. He switched the ball and threw under tension to get a down. In the next he delivered a no-look pass that was flawless.
    The 23-year-old became only the third player to throw 50 touchdown passes in a year, following Brady and Peyton Manning, which made him the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award.
    Mahomes has been tipped to direct the Chiefs all the way, although brady’s Patriots refused them a trip to the Super Bowl, in the AFC Championship game with an overtime win.
    Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have won six Super Bowls – over any other player or head trainer ever.
    Nevertheless as Brady moves his 20th year, he is seeking to improve. From the off-season he explained he’d been working on incorporating no-look and left-handed passes to his or her repertoire.
    Joking apart, the quarterback must discover a way to make do Rob Gronkowski, without his man. Brady has thrown more touchdown passes to’Gronk’ than any other Patriot.
    Even the tight-end retired after helping the Pats win their third Super Bowl in five years after he might well return. In any event, the Patriots have demonstrated time and again they can reconstruct their roster, adapt their gameplan and somehow find a way to triumph.
    The Patriots are now tied for most Super Bowl wins together with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Write a title at your peril off.
    Dazzling footwork, grabs that are magnificent, the showbiz life – Odell Beckham Jr seemed a perfect fit for New York.
    Yet despite a strained relationship with the Giants, he was surprised to hear he had been getting traded to the Cleveland Browns – a facet that won just one game across the 2017 and 2016 seasons.
    “It was private,” the star wide receiver told Sports Illustrated. “They sent me here to die.”
    However, Beckham has been inspired by basketball superstar LeBron James, who helped turn the Cleveland Cavaliers. Before signing James, the Cavs hadn’t reached the NBA Finals. The Browns are to reach a Super Bowl.
    “That is my idol,” said Beckham. “To see exactly what he did bring a championship here, I just need to do the identical thing.”
    And there’s real hope he can do this as he joins up with Jarvis Landry, his best friend from school, and Baker Mayfield, who withdrew in 2018 for 27 touchdowns – a record for a rookie cop. Scottish newcomer Jamie Gillan will also be there having made the job since the Browns’ punter.
    Mayfield had been the number one pick of this 2018 draft after the Arizona Cardinals selected him and college team-mate Kyler Murray made the honor.
    Before committing to a career in the NFL, Even the 22-year-old became the first man to be chosen in the first round of the NFL and Major League Baseball drafts.
    He is just another of the new breed of quarterback, that can strike through the atmosphere and on the floor, and was likened to Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl winner Russell Wilson because of his playing style and relatively modest stature.
    The Cards traded 2018 draft pick Josh Rosen to make way for Murray, giving him the chance to set up himself. They expect he adheres to the league as fast as Mayfield and Mahomes.
    The off-season has seldom seen so many names move on, together with the Pittsburgh Steelers dropping two thirds of the offense of their Killer B.
    While wide receiver Antonio Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders after hanging out the 2018 year over a contract dispute, running Le’Veon Bell has joined the New York Jets.
    With the Baltimore Ravens trading Joe Flacco into the Denver Broncos and Nick Foles leaving the Philadelphia Eagles for the Jacksonville Jaguars two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks have also discovered a new home.
    Andrew Luck has left the league. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback announced his retirement two weeks ago, in age 29.
    After three matches were played at Wembley this past year, the London program is up to four fittings in 2019 taking place at Tottenham’s new stadium.
    Even the Premier League club agreed a 10-year deal with the NFL to host annually to at least two games, starting with a mouthwatering match-up involving the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders on 6 October.
    Super Bowl runners-up that the LA Rams will also be coming into London, with the Wembley games to be shown live on BBC One.
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